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Fine art photography prints

Fine Art photo prints collections

  • classical ballet
  • natural elements
  • landscapes
  • personal & customized


Producing fine art images is the core of my career and passion as a photographer, if I will be asked the question "where would I like to right now" the reply would most likely "out there exploring new places and subjects for my images".
Curiosity is probaly the most powerful force that drives my interests as a photographer and drawn me to my favourite subjects.

Ballet dancers, landscapes and natural elements are some of my most recurring themes.
I have spent many years studing the prospective of the human figure trough the forms and positions that ballet dancers and athlets are able to performs, the feelings that they are able to express with their movements and how to enhance them using the tools at my disposal as a photographer.

Most of the landscapes and natural elements that I photograph are the results of the countless time that I take exploring new places and areas in search of ideas and something special able to pass a feeling to the viewer.

I thank you all for following my work and I dedicate a special thanks for those whom buy my artworks or commission a personal and customized one allowing me to conntinue what I love the most

Ballet Photography

services for:

  • Ballet Companies
  • Ballet Schools
  • Ballet Dancers


My long standing project featuring ballet dancers leads me to many collaborations within ballet companies and schools.

I am open to realizing new and creative projects for ballet companies and schools, with maximum experience capturing performances, individual dancers, partnering, group shots, audition pictures, headshots and staff portraits.

Individual dancers can participate in my own personal artistic series or commision a project for their own purposes.

Artist – Models & Actors

  • portfolio pictures
  • headshots
  • glamour
  • model coaching


A strong presence and presentation is key factor in being remembered and stand out in front of the crowd, one of the starting points is to build an impressive image portfolio that will show personality, talents, skills and highlight potential or experience.

When I create images for artist, models and actors I put great effort in to valoring their personality and peculiarities that make them stand out or mimetizing what could be considered a weack point.

In base of your career goals we can arrange the classical required kind of photoshoot, Head shoot, half and entire figure, fashion, boudoir, an editorial style that might resemble an add or tell the story of an event to highlight expressive or acting skills.

I always recommend to add to the classical pictures required in a portfolio to add something that is part or characterize your life.
As something that you use or love to do, a sport that you practice or a particular talent that you have.


  • fashion
  • glamour
  • budoir
  • pubblication & advertising
  • product photography
  • events


To have good headshots, captivating pictures of your products or that favorably describe your services is a key factor for every person of succes, busines activity or marketing campaign.

Thanks to my background in graphic design for marketing and advertising I have been on the side of who commission the photoshoot and who realizes it, to be familiar with both sides needs and points of view allow me to have an effective communication with my customers and to better meet their needs.

I realize images dedicated to pubblications for advertising as fashion, glamour, budoir or if I can make a creative theme that fit better your needs as is often necessary for advertising and product photography.

I make editorial content that can be utilized from digital media and newspaper of public, cultural or political events or when there is a need to give an authentic and unedited look to the images.
To prove the genuinity, un-posed and natural appearance of the picture

Personal and Family photography

  • headshots
  • commemorative pictures
  • family pictures
  • engagements
  • weddings


From the beggining of the history of photography pictures have been one of the most powerfull tools to preserve memories of our loved ones and important event happened in our lives.

I realize pictures for individuals that wish to have nice images for themself , to share with the people close to them, their family or to present themeself in social media platforms

I am often contacted to realize creative images that immortalise with descriptive creativity turning points in people or family lives turning them in to a private artwork as weel as important events as engagements or weddings

Educational & Workshops

  • photography worskshops
  • private or group photography lessons
  • private or group editing lessons