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ballet collection

The project focused on classical ballet is the longest and most ambitious in Ramaciandra’s career as a fine art photographer.

Each image is meant to be unique and represents the dancers while creating beauty, inspiring a feeling that descibes the scene without a need for words

Representing the dancer with a single shot is the most challenging part behind this project, capturing the essence of another artist, all the years of training, dedication, sacrifices, joys and sorrows that honed the dancer’s personality and technique are expressed by the lines and forms drawn from the dancer’s movement.

There may be a spectacular acrobatic position, an explosion of strength or a delicate slow movement that depicts the dancer’s acting skills overflowing with feelings enhanced by the elements that Ramaciandra inserts in each image.

The natural surroundings or architecture are chosen as the perfect stage for the dancers to express themselves and every light, shade and photographic technique used influences the emotion perceived by the viewer


landscape and nature gallery

See the world through Rama’s eyes. This gallery contains places, experiences and scenery that are special to Ramaciandra's eyes.

Explore and discover new and special places have always been one of his greatest interests, because of his curious nature and the belief that every corner of this world hides something charming and unique: it is up to us to put in the effort to discover and enjoy it.

Ramaciandra has a wide variety of commissioned work in his portfolio.

Portraits are a part of it. He can range from artist portfolios for models, actors and dancers to formal ones for families or corporate presentation being well versed in the classic and formal style, as well as a more artistic approach meant to bring out the personality and peculiarities of the subject.

He also realizes auditions pictures for classical ballet dancers and pictures of ballet theater performances.

In Ramaciandra’s portfolio it is also possible to find images commissioned for private use or to enrich private collectors’ collections with a personalized master piece.

Another part of his work is related to his former career in marketing and advertising, he creates images for commercials or fashion designers or of a more glamorous genre.