Workshop – Photography & Editing Lessons

Rama is very sensitive to the educational value of the arts and a firm believer that the role of artists is to enrich the soul of our society trough their masterpieces.

“Art” is a broad and general term that refer to a vast discipline comprehending many genre and subdivision, generally talking and with many exception and contradiction a masterpiece is expected to communicate something.

If he intent or message of the artist can or can not reach the audience correctly it depends not only from the skills and the language used from the artist but also from the capacity of the public to understand the language used, this is a crucial point, because this is what generate two of the powerful need that moved every human society from ancient history.

The need of understanding and improve his own personal intellect and capacity of communication from the public

The need of communicating and captivate the public, that force the artist to master and generate ideas and techniques at new heights.

To make the lessons more effective Rama decided to take a practical approach and direct them in the form of workshops.

Rama will explain every step to take when organizing a photoshoot, with explanations, examples and corrections customized in base of the participant knowledge and learning needs.

The most important achievement set for the participants would be to use all the acquired knowledge and insert them in their photoshoots.

The workshops would be structured to build a portfolio, that is essential to attract subjects, make a name for itself and attract future customers.

Paticipants will:

° Learn how to choose a model, what to look for, how to communicate effectively, what element to take attention when preparing the photoshoot with the model, understand and direct the model before and during the photoshoot.

° technical knowledge about cameras, settings, studio lights and how strobe lights work

° explanation about how to use the light to create the desired visual effect in a timely manner

° composition

° creation of the pose and direction of the subject

° explanation about points and technique that the attendees are interested to know

° from basic to advanced photography technique in base of the attendee’s knowledge

Rama organize photography lessons & workshops  within the US and internationaly for schools and universities or for groups and individual.

photography lessons center the focus on: tehory, equipment, tecnique, styles, practice, editing, computer hardware requirements and explanation of the various parts, why and when we eventually need them.

Workshops are a mix betwen tehory explanation and practice, Rama will guide the participants trough every step required to do a sucesfull photoshoot giving explanations and providing corrections targeted on the level of the participants, due to the high amount of information received is very important to bring a blocknotes to be able trought your notes to apply all the steps and learned knowledge to your next photoshoot.

fill the contact form for more information about the photography lessons and workshops, is also possible to set up a custom one for you, your group or institution.