About me

Photographer and graphic designer, graduated from the course of marketing and management from the school of Business Science in Florence and the secondary education course of graphic design for media and advertising.

I started my career as a freelancer, working for advertising agencies in the position of executive designer, I gained experience and insight creating the layout and design content for assigned projects and the editing of the images, or creating the images needed for the advertising as a photographer.

I am experienced working in studio productions leading a team of professionals, teaching and realizing family photoshoots.

I took an interest in creating classical ballet artworks during the shooting of a promotional video for a festival dedicated to the dance arts in Florence.

After all the years of drawing studies finding a subject as a ballet dancer with the complexity of their beautiful movements, as well as showing the technique resulting from years of training and the personality of the dancer in a single frozen images, became an exciting challenge that piqued my interest, pushing me to attend ballet classes as a spectator in order to study up close the dancers and how to better photograph them.

The ballet master Victor Litvinov will give me a good amount of tips and insides about ballet technique and what details to look for.

During the years classical ballet photography became the center theme of my artworks and at present, I am balancing my career as photographer between producing artworks featuring dancers, landscapes and natural elements and the projects commissioned from advertising agencies or private individuals.