My Services

Fine Art photography prints

Producing fine art images is the core of my career and passion as a photographer, Ballet dancers, land and cityscapes or elements that I found in nature during my travels are some of my most recurring themes, I also realize personalized artworks where I develop the concepts that the commissioner is interested into.

I have spent many years studying the perspective of the human figure through the forms and positions that ballet dancers and athletes are able to perform, the feelings that they are able to express with their movements and how to enhance them using the tools at my disposal as a photographer.

Most of the landscapes and natural elements that I photograph are the results of the countless times that I take exploring new places and areas in search of ideas or something special, able to pass a feeling to the viewer.

I thank you all for following my work and I dedicate a special thanks for those whom buy my artworks or commission a personal and customized one allowing me to continue to do what I love the most


Photography services for ballet companies, ballet school and ballet dancers

I offer photography services for ballet companies, ballet schools and individual dancers, with maximum experience capturing performances, individual dancers, partnering, group shots, audition pictures, headshots and staff portraits.

Individual dancers can participate in my own personal artistic series or commision a project for their own purposes.

Photoshoots for commercials - head shoots - editorial images and graphic content creation

I realize photoshoots and graphic design for companies and professionals, I can create images and content for advertisement such as product photography or composite images in line with the advertisement requirements or company headshoots for the company website or content for social media.

I work with models, actors and artist that need a good presentation of their portfolio or material as headshots, images or couching into posing and gestures related to the photoshoot to show their personality, talents, skills.

Personal and Family photography

I create family pictures and commemorative pictures for families, engagement and weddings.

Realizing touching pictures for individuals that wish to have nice images for themself , to share with the people close to them, their family or to present himself in social media platforms

I am often contacted to realize creative images that immortalise with descriptive creativity turning points in people or family lives turning them in to a private artwork as well as important events as engagements or weddings.

Education & Workshops

I host workshops and conduct photography lessons single participant, groups or schools of photography.
The topics of the lessons that I like to focus on are:

  • theory of camera function and equipment
  • photography technique
  • composition
  • conduct indoor photoshoots
  • conduct outdoor photoshoots
  • guidelines on how to pose and manage different subjects
  • photo editing