Ramaciandra Carta Open Edition Natural Elements all depicts different aspects of the natural world and how intewined and coexist with the humans influence.

The Open editions are all printed on special high quality paper, signed and un-numbered, they have different fixed measures and divided in base of the proportion of the base for height ratio.
They can be used to give personality to an ambient, combined in visual captivating combinations with other artworks or to enrich a collection of artworks.


Spiders like the Argiope often carried the symbolism related to creative forces, waving life and fate with their treads.
Is interesting how often symbols associated with creation, life, fate or death have been seen in a female form.

I happened to disturb this big spider while hunting for his meal and received a very strong reaction from it, it started to aggressively bouncing to scare me away.
The strong reaction made no easy effort to take this picture and is a key element in the feeling that the spectator is going to feel looking at this artwork

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3x2 orizzontal

Orizzontal 3×2 45*30, Orizzontal 3×2 30*20, Orizzontal 3×2 15*10